Bring Your Transportation System into the 21st Century.

For Administrators:
Substantial fuel savings from idling reduction, more effective bus loading and mileage reduction through real-time monitoring, and real-time route optimizing tools maximize utilization of demand fleets.

For riders:
Reduction of time wasted waiting for public transportation, improved safety and comfort from not having to wait in the elements, and increased mobile functionality through apps and mobile sites.

Use the Shepherd platform to see an increase in ridership, increase in fleet efficiency, and decrease in your costs within months of installation.

Getting Started

Pricing for our system is dependent on fleet size, but no matter what the situation, you will be able to get a full-fleet installation for 2 months at no charge for the software. Click either of the links below (AcuraSEE or Predict) to take a closer look at our products. Please fill out a contact form, or chat directly with a representative (bottom right corner) if there is one online to get started. We look forward to a relationship with your vehicle service!

Real-time Accuracy Meets Intelligent Communication.

Shepherd IS (SIS) is an intelligent transportation software company serving the public transit, taxi, limo, school and shuttle bus fleets around the world. We provide completely hosted software as a service platform while utilizing a hardware agnostic approach. The SIS products provide a comprehensive set of tools for riders and operators of transportation vehicles. The software feature set includes rider information mobile applications, vehicle tracking & communication, dispatch systems and a full suite of reporting tools. SIS's goal is to dramatically improve the rider experience, increase operational efficiency and raise revenues of all fleet customers and riders.